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Offshore Waters Research
Seafloor Topology and Geology

  1. Telecommunications infrastructure work design in isolated islands
  2. Vessel navigation for wide-area geological research for methane hydrate development project
  3. Seafloor topological research off Cape Shionomisaki
  4. Wide-area topological research for continental margin resources preservation project

Aquatic Resources

  1. Vessel charter for seafloor aquatic resources at Okhotsk Sea
  2. Biological measurement and age estimation of Alaska pollock
  3. Aurelia limbata ecology and incidence rate research
  4. Winter Pacific white-sided dolphin biopsy and tracking research

Aquatic Environments

  1. Seafloor topology and geology
  2. Seafloor radiological and hydrological research
  3. Navigation for plankton research at Okinawa Trough
  4. Seafloor sampling at seas off Hyogo Prefecture

Disaster Prevention

  1. Vessel navigation for crustal movement observation
  2. Collection of submerged equipment using ROV
  3. Crustal movement observation

Coastal Waters Research
Seafloor Topology and Geology

  1. Wind farm route research off Fukuoka
  2. Depth survey in Kashiwazaki
  3. Waterway survey to Kohama and Kuroshima Islands
  4. Depth measurement at Amagase Dam

Aquatic Environments

  1. Ocean wave observation for aquatic energy projects
  2. Drain outlet quality research
  3. Water temperature measurement in Kashiwazaki
  4. Turbid water research for post-typhoon recovery


  1. Visual research of Yasaka revetment by divers
  2. Abalone land farming planning research
  3. Biology of Aetobatus narutobiei
  4. Biology of ballast water


  1. Demonstration of coral reproduction apparatus
  2. Zostera japonica transplanting research and monitoring
  3. Assistance in Zoestera reproduction project

Marine Consultants
Aquatic Environmental Conservation

  1. Marine waters experiments on reproduction using a ductile reef
  2. Zostera Mat® sales and monitoring research
  3. Formation of mother shell and young shell farming beds for the recovery of Japanese littleneck resources
  4. Countermeasures for red tide and lean-oxygen water mass in fishery environment and biodiversity conservation programs

Environmental System Development

  1. Tokyo International Airport water quality observation system maintenance
  2. Monitoring post maintenance
  3. Environmental monitoring system maintenance
  4. Yatsushiro Sea automated observation buoy system

Environmental Impact Assessment, Information Processing and Analysis

  1. Environmental impact assessment in the next-generation floating-type marine wind power system demonstration
  2. Environmental impact assessment for wind power generation project in harbors

Fisheries Promotion Plans, Fishing Ground Planning, Facility Design

  1. Research on co-existence with fisheries in floating-type marine wind farm demonstration projects
  2. Nagasaki prefectural renewable marine energy concept building project
  3. Floating-type marine wind power generation demonstration research
  4. Field demonstration of renewable marine energy systems

Fisheries Facility Design
Fisheries Promotion Plans, Fishing Ground Planning, Facility Design

  1. Tuna Dream Goto Fish Nursery Center supervision
  2. Tokyo nursery fisheries center intake water pipe repair work
  3. Toyosu fish market intake water design
  4. Nursery fisheries center alarm system repair work design

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